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Sailing from the Cayman Islands to Cuba

After sailing fifteen thousand nautical miles with crew on my 53ft Bruce Roberts I decided to sail further solo. I always thought that it was impossible to sail this boat single handed. By adapting my expectations about the speed and by sailing more conservative I found out that I can sail this boat solo. I know Footloose and trust her. My AIS (Automatic Indification System) receiver makes it more safe to sail single handed as well. Because big ships are obligated to have AIS transmitters I see them on my screen before I can see them with my eyes. 


Sailing without an autopilot single handedly is sometimes hard. I have a wind vane steering device which is good when the sails are hoisted and trimmed well. Hoisting the sails and lower the sails is one of the biggest challenge. I need to calculate the time that it will cost and need to do it where are no hazards around me. I sailed my boat east of Cayo Largo to create time to prepare the boat for docking while sailing downwind with only the jib. 


Nice fellow cruisers saw me coming into the channel and were waiting for me to give me a hand by catching the lines. As soon as I was docked came the Authorities on board.

Sailing from Cayo Largo to Cienfuegos

Cienfuegos to Mexico part 1

My first trip with multiple nights at sea has begun. The weather forecast is looking good. I expect to be in Mexico within four days. Once at sea, its a struggle to fall asleep within the twenty minute window that I give myself, for each nap in-between the watches. It exhausts me, which only makes it more difficult for me to fall asleep. Thinking clearly and making good decisions is a very hard task right now. What can I do so far away from land?

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