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Sailing into Disaster ... April 2020

After 11 days of solitude, of which 6 days on a mooring in Cozumel, Mexico, it is time to set sail to Curaçao. Multiple things had to be fixed but being all by myself meant that this had to be improvised with the supplies and knowledge on-board! Leaving Cozumel it was not a suprise when Footloose and I came across strong northerly cross-currents. This, combined with seasickness, the worn and partially torn sails and rough weather caused a bit of anxiety on-board. This gut feeling shows to be for a good reason!

FYI; This video was captured in April 2020. Many countries had closed borders which gave another factor to take into consideration for cruisers all over the globe. This is still the case nowadays in many areas which causes cruisers to change their plans accordingly.

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