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Getting off the beaten path

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Yesterday I was at LJ Harri, every dutch cruiser knows this shop. It is like a candy shop for cruisers. I realized that I was here for the first time 22 years ago buying charts for a Scandinavian adventure. Now I was here with another question. While the owner of the bookstore was not looking surprised at me I think it is a rare question.

My boat is in Panama and I do not think that I want to go through the canal but I am considering to sail around South America. The man of LJ Harri did not even blink with his eyes and walked with me to the right section and picked out of the bookshelves some books. First, he gave me a book about the Pacific. I did not even open it! Then he came with a book about Argentina and Brazil. Those books got my attention. I asked for pilot charts and books more general about the routes. Well, I think that I made up my mind. I bought a book about people who made this journey and Jimmy Cornell's must-have cruising route. I left the shop with the promise that I will be back in a few days to buy the cruising guides of the area where I am planning to go to.

Home, I started reading and realized that it is possible. That it is not easy and that there are safety issues.

Why do I want to follow this route? Why not just following the other cruisers? Well, I do have a big desire to sail there. I prefer sailing upwind instead of downwind. Since Floris, my dog, died I need to think about a new dog. My children are adults but still young and my parents old. Flights to Europe are still not too expensive so I can visit my children and parents in the Netherlands and my children can visit me for the coming two years. And last but not least it is absolutely a great challenge!

Decision made! That feels good!

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