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Maintenance, repairing and preparing

Those three words are telling exactly how my life looks like when not sailing. Footloose is a steel boat and asks continuously maintenance.


Get the rust away and treat the spot and hope that it will never come back. Off course, the engine and the rigging needs to be maintained as well


A pressure hose of the oil cooler was leaking. The hose is replaced for another one. I could do it by myself but because I am in such a remote area it was better to let the mechanic do the work.

I am in need for a good welder and rigger. My confidence that they are in Panama is lost. I will sail Footloose to St Martin.

During my last trip I lost the Sailomat rudder. I am looking for a replacement.


This is always a long list. Everything must be in good condition and on the right place onboard. Things needs to be checked and what I won't use needs to be stowed away

Two months of hard work really paid off!
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